Weight Capabilities

Weight Capabilities

Weight Bearing Capabilities

While we endeavor to manufacture a high quality slatwall panel using high grade materials, because of factors occurring in installation and display applications beyond our control, we do not warranty our product to hold specific weights. It is up to the consumer to determine the suitability of our products for their application.

The following are some basic guidelines for the weight bearing capabilities of Spacewall slatwall paneling.

Unsupported Slatwall, manufactured out of MDF, will support 10-15 pounds per bracket. Unsupported slatwall includes all panels having no insert, as well as plastic channelwall, ColorGrooove or laminate strips in the grooves.

Omniwall and J-Metal support 50-60 pounds per bracket. Omniwall is Spacewall's trade name for a T-metal insert in the groove. J-metal is our trade name for a J-metal insert in the groove.

Additional considerations:

Keep in mind the center of gravity. An article on a shelf that is 12" deep, will have a load center 6" out from the wall, or at the center of the shelf. Hardware should be no greater than 12" from the wall and should be spaced ever 12" apart. A four foot shelf should have brackets on both ends, and two brackets in the middle for a total of four brackets. To enhance performance capacity, consider using 6" oc slats rather than 3" oc. Take care not to overload the top, bottom and side edges of the panels. Un-reinforced slatwall is not suitable for hangrail applications, regardless of the weight on the hangrail. To enhance performance consider using shorter brackets. Faceouts that slant down have all of the weight at the end of the waterfall. Take care to use a minimal amount of merchandise on waterfalls. Do not overload any single groove.

If certain parts of your store encounter heavier customer contact, or more frequently changed displays, consider using reinforced slatwall.