Product Specifications

Slatwall Panel Board Specifications

Panels are typically manufactured using a 3/4" thick MDF core material. MDF (medium density fiberboard) is 120-130 psi IB (Internal Bond) and 48# pcf average density. According to our wood manufacturers, the screw holding capacity for the face is 325 lbs and 250 lbs for the edge. The tolerance on the squareness of the board is 1/8" when measured across the diagonals of the board. Other plywoods, veneers, fire-rated, and higher psi grade boards are available upon request. The boards can be surfaced in a variety of finishes including: HPL (high pressure laminates), LPL (low pressure laminates), veneer, plexi-mirror, or used as a raw paintable surface.

Slatwall is generally machined by cutting T-slots (grooves) at intervals of 3" on center. Other sizes are available. The grooves on a standard 4 x 8 panel can run the 8ft length (horizontal panels) or the 4ft length (vertical panels). Panels typically are 4 x 8, but can be ordered in various sizes.

All Spacewall panels comply with CARB Phase 2 Formaldehyde emission standards in CCR93120.2(a)

Langboard Panel Specifications
  • 3/4" thick
  • 48.5 lbs. per sq. foot target density
  • 120 target IB (psi)
  • 325 faces screw holding (lbs.)
  • 250 edge screw holding (lbs.)
Information and Specifications

Types of Slatwall

Paint Grade

Paintable MDF slatwall, an industry standard, is easy on the budget and has a surface that is especially well suited for painting. Panels do not come pre-finished. For best results apply a minimum of two coats to each panel.

Melamine Panels (Low Pressure Laminate)

Spacewall’s melamine is pre or post-impregnated melamine paper adhered under high heat and pressure directly to the MDF board. LPL is a very popular and cost effective board that comes in a wide variety of different colors.

High Pressure Laminate

Wilsonart, Formica, Nevamar, Pionite, and other brands of high-pressure laminates are available. These products come in vertical (.030") thickness and standard (.050") thickness.


Our wood veneers are rotary cut in a .035" thickness and have a veneer backer to achieve balance. Red Oak & Maple are in stock, other species and special cuts are available on request.


Spacewall's Plexi-Mirror is a .080" thick acrylic polymer sheet with a silver colored backer and adhered with a polyvinyl acetate (PVA) glue to a MDF board. IT comes with a clear protective film to prevent surface scratching.

Formaldehyde Panels

All Spacewall panels comply with CARB Phase 2 Formaldehyde emission standards in CCR93120.2(a). By special order, no added urea formaldehyde MDF boards are available upon request.


Aluminum Inserts

The aluminum inserts used in slatwall are aluminum with a silver mill finish. The aluminum inserts more than double the strength of the panel. Load limits vary according to the specific hardware being used. Aluminum inserts are also available in black and gold anodized finishes. Aluminum insert painted finishes can be ordered on a special request basis with applicable minimums.

Vinyl Inserts

The vinyl inserts are HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) - and are PVC Free. They are available in 4 colors (white, gray, black, almond). The vinyl inserts are for cosmetic enhancement - adding no noticeable strength to the grooves.

PVC Accent Strips (Color Groove)

The PVC accent strips (Color Groove) – are solid color PVC (polyvinyl chloride) strips for covering the backs of the grooves – available in 6 colors (white, red, gray, blue, black, gold and silver mirror). PVC accent strips come available as a 130’ roll, covering 1 – 3” oc panel. The PVC accent strips are for cosmetic purpose only- adding no strength to the grooves.

Fire Ratings

Spacewall panels carry a standard fire rating of Class C or Class 3. Method of testing is ASTM-E-84 Tunnel Furnace.

Class A fire rated panels are available on request.

LEED Credits

Upon request Spacewall can obtain products designed to contribute to LEED Credits, including:

  • ARRIES™ sustainable design fiberboard (SDF)
  • Medex®, Medite® II and Medite® FR medium density fiberboard (MDF) Specs: provided upon request.

Manufacturing Specifications

Board length and width + or - .0625", squareness + or - .125" diagonally

Maximum Load Level Capacities

This chart is based on 3" o.c. or greater grooves using a single bracket on properly installed panels over drywall and studs. For maximum holding capacity, use panel adhesive and put screws in each slot on every stud. Typically putting screws into every 2nd slot is sufficient for light to medium loads.

We strongly recommend:

  • Not to overload any single bracket or groove.
  • Not to overload hang-rails and waterfall type brackets.
  • Using panel adhesive and enough screws to secure the panel.

Load limits vary according to the specific hardware being used.

Note: Metal inserts add approximately double the holding strength of plain groove slatwall. For maximum holding strength screw through the metal inserts into the stud-wall.


The adhesive used in our laminating process is a water based PVA adhesive with low VOC’s that meet all EPA requirements. The hot melt adhesive used with the LPL line has no ingredients listed as carcinogens or potential carcinogens by the National Toxicology Program.


Panels are placed on a skid, secured with metal banding. Corner coverings are applied to all corners and edges. The packaged is then shrink-wrapped and ready for shipment.