CornerForm Installation Instructions

Wood Substrate

The edge cap is applied to the edge of a 3/4" panel with 5/8" chisel point staples inserted on two or three sides 6" on center starting 1/2" from the top. For additional strength, a standard approved p. v. c. adhesive can be applied into the channel of the edge cap.

NOTE: On slatwall panels place the staples between the slots.

Foam Panel-To secure the edge cap to a "foam" panel, apply construction grade two sided tape or an approved adhesive.

NOTE: Some adhesives are not compatible with "foam" substrate, and we recommend that you consult with a foam manufacturer or supplier.

Applying Corner Forms™

Stand panel up, Open the Corner Forms™ "mouth" and place it over the edge of the panel. We recommend that you start at the bottom of the panel. Strike the Corner Forms™ with the palm of your hand at the bottom portion and continue by working upwards.

To join "free panel" #B to "stationary panel" #A, assistance is required.

Maintain the "stationary panel #A in a secure position. Tilt #B on edge so the opposite of joining edge is approximately 6" off the floor. Insert joining edge into Comer Forms™ "mouth". Push Downward into the "mouth" while your assistant simultaneously strikes Mm back of the Comer Forms at the point of the panel #B contact Continue upward as the form snaps over the panel.

NOTE: This procedure is to be used with radius Comer Forms™ angles, such as 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, and 135 degrees.

To join "non-radius angels"
  • 180 degrees
  • "T" connector
  • 4-way
  • "y" connector
  • y/90 connector

Place the form on the free panel B first. Once the form is attached, tilt the panel back so the bottom edge is 6" off the floor. The assistant should guide CornerFormsTM "mouth" over stationary panel's "A" edge cap. Firmly push or strike the opposite side (at point which form engages with panel) and continue upwards as panels fasten's together.