Care Instructions

Spacewall slatwall paneling with high pressure laminate or melamine is best cleaned by wiping it with a soft, damp cloth and a mild detergent; followed by wiping it with a cloth of damp warm, water, and finally, wiping the panel with a dry cloth to remove any cleaner residue. It is important not to get the panel wet because the substrate is very porous and is not designed as a water-resistant material. Suggested cleaners are Pine Sol or Mr. Clean. If staining occurs, use a full-strength, all-purpose cleaner. Extremely stubborn stains may be removed with bleach or acetone. Do not let the bleach or acetone stay on the surface longer than 1 and 1/2 minutes, then wipe thoroughly with warm water on a damp rag. Abrasive pads and scouring powder should not be used. Harsh chemical cleaners such as toilet bowl cleaners, hydrogen peroxide, and drain cleaners should be avoided. Acrylic mirror should be cleaned using a commercial acrylic polish. You can also use Pledge to clean the mirror and help with static resistance. Do not use ammonia-based cleaners, such as Windex, to clean acrylic mirror. The chemicals will permanently damage the mirror and the surface will dull and cloud. Wipe the slatwall slats with a damp cloth running the cloth from one end of the slat to the other.